Embracing the Shift


Are you feeling overwhelmed with the constant changes in life, your business and the world. This book will teach the power of embracing the shift in your life by giving you tools to move from overwhelmed to overflow. It’s power-packed with content, scripture and shift points to help you not only embrace your shift but walk in. It’s designed to help you unleash your superpowers, maximize your potential and move from good to great. If you are shifting from a place of familiar to unfamiliar, this book is for you. If you are  elevating in your life or just want more out of life, this book is for you or maybe you are dealing with the separation in the process of elevation. Dive into today to learn how the power of embrace will change your life.

Shift Point: How you see things is how you experience it! See it differently so you can experience it differently. Joyspeaks2u



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